Routines and Expectations

Morning routine-At the beginning of each school day, please go to your locker quickly and quietly to put away your belongings. If you have a lunch, place it in the lunch basket. After, turn in any homework to the correct homework tray. Please place your planner open on your desk. Follow all directions written on the board. Your teacher will call you to the front carpet when it is time for morning meeting.

Bathroom policies-There is one girl’s pass and one boy’s pass located by the classroom door. One girl and one boy at a time may use the pass to go to the restroom or get a drink. During a lesson, you must ask permission to use the pass. However, during independent work time, you may use the passes without asking. Put the bottle of hand sanitizer on your desk to indicate that you are at the bathroom.

Your attention please-When your teacher needs your attention, she may do one of the following things.

  1. Say High 5-When your teacher raises her had and says "High 5", you should stop what you’re doing and give the signal back.

Materials-You are responsible for bringing all needed materials to your classes. Make sure you bring your filled pencil case and binder/notebook to each class.

Desks-You are expected to keep your desk clean and organized. Please do not use your desk as a trash can or dumping ground!! J Your teacher will check your desk from time to time. If your desk is not in good shape, you may have to miss a recess to clean it out. The "desk fairy" often visits organized desks and leaves a surprise!

Line and hallway behavior-When you are asked to line up, please do so without talking and push in your chair quietly. You must line up in a straight line behind the line leader with your hands at your sides. There is a boy line and a girl line. When walking in the hallway, you must stay in a straight line. Talking, walking shoulder to shoulder, running, and touching the walls or other students are not allowed.

Page format-You must put your first and last name on all assignments along with your student number and the date.

Reading logs-You must complete 100 minutes of reading at home every week.

Assignment Books- We will finish filling out the planner together during the school day. The planner must be signed by a parent or guardian every night!

Homework-All homework should be kept in your homework /home communication folder. The assignments must be completed by the date they are due unless you are absent! When you return it to school, all homework should be turned into the correct homework tray.

There are four steps to homework success:

1. Remember to bring home all your assignments.

2. Remember to always complete your assignments with your best effort.

3. Remember to bring your assignments back to school.

4. Remember to turn your assignments in to your teacher.

Mailboxes-You are expected to check your mailbox at the end of each day before you leave the room. All papers found in this box should go in your homework/home communication folder. This folder should go home each night and be returned to your mailbox each morning.

Afternoon routine-At the end of each day, you will quietly fill in your planner with the correct assignments and due dates given by your teacher. Check your desk to make sure you have all the materials you need and that you have put all your homework in your homework folder. You should then stack your chair and empty your mailbox by putting everything in your homework/home communication folder. When you have all that you need, you may go to your locker to get your belongings. Please return to the classroom with your coat and backpack and wait quietly one the carpet at the front of the room. At this time, pick-ups will be dismissed and bus numbers will be called.

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