Each night of the week you need to do a different activity to ensure that your words are the spelling skills are mastered. The same sort list will be used for two weeks of homework.

Week 1 homework:
Monday- complete a word study by sorting your words into categories the way you did it with your teacher at school. You should read each word aloud during the activity. Explain to your parents why the words are sorted in a particular way- what does the sort reveal about spelling in general? Now, sort them a second time as fast as possible. Finally, write the words in the correct categories using the "word study" chart. Label the category at the top. You might want to time yourself here too.

Tuesday- Do a blind sort . Have your parents lay down a word from your sort list to represent each category as a header and then read teh rest of the words aloud. You must indicate where the word goes without seeing it by pointing to the correct header. Have you parents lay it down under the header. If you are wrong, move it to the right category. Repeat the whol process if you make more than one error.

Wednesday- Write complete sentences. For this activity use the sentence sheet to write 10 complete sentences. Each sentence must include at least one word from your sort. Each sentence must be at least 5 total words minimum.

Thursday- Do a writing sort using the "writing sort" chart. Begin by selecting one of your sort words to label each category has a header. Then, have your paretns call out the words in a random order. You should write them in the correct categories. Have your parents call out any words you misspelled a second or even a third time.
Return your activities to school on Friday, signed by a parent.

Week 2 homework:
Monday- Using 2-4 sentences, explain what you have noticed about your sort.
Tuesday- Alphabetize your words in the various categories.
Wednesday- Word hunt. Write down additional words you have found that follow the same pattern as your sort. Hunt for 6-10 words.
Thursday- Choose at least 5 words from your sort, hunt, or other words that follow your pattern and write a paragraph. Underline the words in you paragraph. It needs a topic sentence, 3 supporting details, and a closing sentence.
Study for your test on Friday!
Optional additional practice:
1. visit http://www.spellingcity.com
2. Practice your words by entering them into the computer in the START HERE section.
3. After you enter all your words, choose the TEACH ME option.
4. When you hav efinished listening to the sentences, select PLAY A GAME.
5. Please play any three games.
6. After, select TEST ME. CLick on the SAY IT box to hear each word. It will say the word, and you can type it. Your may also click on the SENTENCE box to hear a sentence to help you.

Follow the links to your sort groups

Alien Sorters (within word sorts)
Astronaut Sorters(syllable affix sorts)

All groups 2nd week packet

Link to find and practice MOST sorts: Some sort numbers may be a few numbers off.